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erosgost erosgost administrator 7 years ago in Site Launches

HotZippySupport ( a more sophisticated and capable method of providing support for Advertisers and other users of the Author Portal has been launched to replace the now-outdated, HotZippy Support Site (

With the complete rebuild of HotZippyNet Author Portal soon to be released it was clear that we needed something more formidable to handle the expected uptick in support issues.  The Author Portal offers completely new promotional products and SmartZip© intelligent never-before-seen forms.  With so much new and different going on it is likely our existing consumer base may feel a little overwhelmed upon their return to find everything has changed.  

We felt it was important to let our customers know that while we're expanding greatly via the Author Portal that would also expand our ability to support them.  The new HotZippySupport contains a self-training knowledge base, news articles and will soon have access to a new, more robust Support Ticket system.  The new ticketing system will allow users to create accounts and keep track of all previous submitted tickets and their complete histories.  Everything is moving forward by one giant step and we'll be here to help alleviate the confusion that may follow such a step.