Several other promotion sites have turned me down because I dont have enough reviews ...

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erosgost erosgost administrator 5 years ago in General Questions About HotZippy

We understand this and even have a definition for it:

A situation in which a desired outcome or solution is impossible to attain because of a set of inherently illogical rules or conditions.

You the newly published first-time author, or the creator of a book that has been around for only a short time have a paradox to contend with.  If you require a high number of reviews to be approved by a promotional book site, how will you go about getting these reviews or ratings without being able to promote?

Yeah, we think it's stupid too.

Other sites may think you should have to wait, to pay your dues before being allowed a feature on their promotional pages.  We ask why?  Isn't the entire point of a book promotion site to promote books?  Aren't we here to help authors get more readers, and subsequently more reviews?  It just doesn't make sense to us that authors are being told they need to be successful in order to apply to advertise for more success.

HotZippy was founded over five years ago when we discovered how expensive it was out there to promote your book for a single day.  And we read, with heavy hearts, about the humiliation they faced when they were rejected by these gatekeepers.  That is what drove us to work for days on end and it is still what drives us today.  We strive to remain as affordable as possible and as open to new authors and new books as our quality standards allow.  We don't look for a certain number of reviews, or even a high rating in the reviews you do have.  In each case we assess the book and author on their merits.  We look for fairly well done covers, blurbs without typos and most of all ... heart.  Maybe, in the end, your book won't do so well with its promotion, but it won't be because someone said you couldn't have the chance.  Finding success in this madcap world of ours takes years of learning, buckets of tears and most of all, a willingness to stay the course.  Writing a book is a journey that only those who have done it will ever understand.  It's a hard journey, too.  Hard enough that once you've written it, edited it, covered it and published it, promoting it should be the least difficult task to contend with.

HotZippy--affordable and new book/new author friendly.