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erosgost erosgost administrator 5 years ago in No-Nos

Do not assume the worst of us.  

While our staff works as diligently as possible and we have an approximately 98% error-free standing, we are only human and liable to err.  If you can't find your promotion on the site(s) it was supposed to run it is almost always because you were either unfamiliar with the promotional site in question and didn't know where to look (the users of said sites do, so you don't have to worry about our readers missing your promotion) or you skimmed the pages too quickly and simply missed it.  However, on the rare occasions when we screw up, I can attest to you, with sound logic, that it is simply a mistake and not an effort to bilk you out of some small amount of money as a one-time scam.  

There is absolutely no benefit to us in not having your book promotion running.  The opposite is, in fact, true.  The more your book excels the more we can claim we had everything to do with that rise in sales, which makes a success story for us as well as a selling point to authors who haven't yet used our services.  

So, in the event that you can't locate your promotion on a particular site or you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the promotion is not where it is supposed to be, please remember this is a mistake, not a deliberate mishandling of your promotion.  When we do slip up, our corporate policy, in most cases is to apologize (first and foremost), fix the problem immediately and in many cases grant a full refund to the customer while allowing their promotion to continue on as though it were fully funded.  In other words, we're as honest and responsible as anyone you're liable to find in the online marketing world and as CEO, I'm staking my reputation on it..

If you encounter issues with your promotion, simply let us know by creating a Support Ticket and we'll address your issue as soon as we possibly can.  If the error was on our behalf we'll make it right ... guaranteed!

Be calm, be polite and know that we are actually on your side.  If you don't assume the worst of us, we won't assume the worst of you.