Is there a free option for authors to promote their book with HotZippy?

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erosgost erosgost administrator 5 years ago in General Questions About HotZippy

The Author Portal at HotZippyNet does provide a 'Free to Use" form that authors may use to make us aware of their book promotions.  While this form utilizes the same intelligent logic that the other paid services enjoy, there are several limitations to be aware of before submitting your unpaid promotion to us.

  • Books submitted through the free form and the authors of these books have little access to our Support Team.  Advertisers with paid promotions get the lion's share of our support resources.  We do try to provide whatever we can to help everyone but there are times when we simply have to make the tough choices.
  • All books submitted through the free form must be at a sale price (ie; significantly lower than the previous 90-day average).  The free form cannot be used to submit books at regular retail price (such as those accepted by our "Standard Promo" plan).
  • Books submitted via the free form can select only 1 promotional site to request an ad on.  (Paid promotions can promote to as many sites as their book and budget qualify for.)
  • Books submitted via the free form can only suggest the day they would like their promotion to run.  (Paid promotions are guaranteed to run on the dates the author specifies.)
  • Books submitted via the free form can only choose to have their product description taken from the book's Amazon Product Page.  (Paid promotions may enter their own descriptions.)
  • Books submitted via the free form are only selected when there are open promotional slots that have not been filled by paid promoters.  This constitutes an average of only 3% of free form books being selected.
  • Books selected to run from the free form will only run for a single day.  (Paid promotions run a minimum of two days.)