No-No #2

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erosgost erosgost administrator 5 years ago in No-Nos

Do not add your book promotion to any of our social media sites, especially Facebook.

For authors who did not pay for a book promotion the day they decide to post a link for their book on our Facebook page, the listing will be removed and the author (or author page) that created the posting will be banned from the Facebook page.

For authors with a book promotion in effect the day they decide to post a link for their book on our Facebook page, the listing will be removed.  The author (or author page) will not be banned from the Facebook page unless this author has become problematic in regard to violating this rule.  A paid promotion with a HotZippy promotional site is not a warrant to post on our Facebook or social network pages.

Why do we do this?

There are three basic reasons for this rule.

The first of these reasons is that it is unfair to Advertisers that have paid our company to promote their book.  This is especially true of authors who are not clients of HotZippy.  In effect, these authors are trying to gain free advertising in full view of those that have followed the correct procedures to have their chance to be discovered.  To put it simply; it's not fair.

The second reason is that these posts often contain Amazon Affiliate codes that are not representative of HotZippy's interests.  Affiliation is an important stream of revenue for our business and helps to keep our promotional plans affordable.  These posts are being left on pages that we pay to keep running but are in direct conflict with our affiliation income.

The final reason--these authors (non-client promoters) are posting their book ad for their own benefit before an audience that has cost us thousands of dollars to procure.  It's a little like taking precious time and money to get your lawn looking perfect and then having someone come along and place a banner for their business smack in the middle of it.  Once upon a time, back when Facebook was as wild as the old west, this was common and accepted practice--we all did it.  Now, in the age of post-IPO Facebook, where advertising is not only necessary to gain new followers but aggravatingly expensive, it is simply bad form attempting to usurp that which someone has spent a great deal of time and real-world money to gain.  And, let's be really honest about this, any of these ill-mannered promoters would be extremely irate if another author were to pop by and place their own ad upon the green grass of their of their Facebook Page.  ;)

So ... just don't do it.