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erosgost erosgost administrator 5 years ago in 13 Horror Street

13 Horror Street is the latest site to join the HotZippy network of promotional sites. This horror-themed site was in development for over a year before it was finally released to the public and for its Grand Opening we ran a giveaway of a signed, numbered limited-edition of Clive Barker's "Books of Blood." This was more than just an extremely cool prize, it helped us to define the expectations of our consumer community; this is a site for legitimately categorized horror products. We need to express the same understanding to our authors as well. This site is stringently guided by an editorial promise, both in-house and among our community, that 13 Horror Street will only offer products that meet the proper legitimacy.

Some categories/genres/sub-genres are (at least initially) not going to be accepted. These include any eBooks that carry the "romance" category or could carry such a label (ie; Paranormal Romance and all its sub-listings.) Science Fiction submissions should be more like "Alien" and less like "Star Wars." Fantasy submissions should be more like "The Call of Cthulhu" and less like "Game of Thrones." In some cases, your eBook may be appropriately categorized as "horror" but still may be rejected by our editorial staff if the type of horror isn't a good fit for our site and community. We urge all potential promoters to join the 13 Horror Street community and gain a familiarity with the type of story we are promoting. In the end, we're looking more for "'Salem's Lot" than "Twilight."

(If you are questioning whether or not your title qualifies, please visit our pre-qualification form and then enter the requested information about your book.

Established in September of 2014 this specialized-genre (horror) site is the perfect opportunity to promote your horror eBook to an active, enthusiastic fan-base with eBooks ranging from $9.99 or less for independent authors and $19.99 or less for New York Times or USA Today (brand name) bestselling authors.