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erosgost erosgost administrator 5 years ago in Pixelscroll

Pixelscroll is our most popular site and also has the distinction of being the home to one of the most eclectic consumer communities in our entire network. Pixelscroll has made bestsellers out of every type of genre spanning from Romance to Chemistry Textbooks; from $3 iPad Stylus' to $100 Bose Headphones. To date, with thousands of analytic documents at our disposal 'Scrollers (the nickname for Pixelscroll's consumer community) continue to defy the odds of probability and statistics. If 'Scrollers like your eBook, you'll usually do very well on your promotion–but if they don't you may not sell so much as a single copy. Initially we found this inability to predict 'Scrollers maddening, but over the years we've grown proud of it–they know what they like … and what they don't. It is our second oldest community with a fair amount of founding community members still active.

Established in December of 2011 this multi-genre eBook, digital media and electronics site still stands as the flagship of the HotZippy network and is a must for anyone looking to promote their eBooks ranging from $9.99 or less for independent authors and $19.99 or less for New York Times or USA Today (brand name) bestselling authors.